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acrylic on canvas - giclees - metal mask - livingware - stationary - brackets 

Iconic black women

Hiawatha D.’s Iconic Black Women collection is currently in exhibition at the award winning WOW Gallery by Wonder of Women International, in  Seattle, WA, attracting thousands of patrons from around the world; heralding over stories that span over 225 years pointing to the transcendent power, progress and promise of Black women.


The majesty, soulfulness and artistic prowess in the gallery was palpable. As a Black woman, I saw my reflection in every image hung on those walls. Hiawatha D.’s art offers an authentic perspective of contemporary urban life that accentuates the richness of African American experiences. His palettes provide a vibrancy of color choices that incorporates the past with present mood. His bold lines create directionality that points to the upbeat trends of the Black experience.

Hiawatha is a warm, reflective artist whose work expresses deep optimism. The Iconic Black Women Collection provides an opportunity for families to share stories that unite.”

Tasleem Taj Qaasim, Collector & Patron