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Nothing compares to seeing something for real. And once you have seen some of the works you have previously liked on paper or screen in front of you, you will always remember that feeling and will seek it again. You are welcome to visit any of Hiawatha D.'s exhibitions.

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WOW Gallery

Ain’t I a Woman art exhibition is currently at the WOW Gallery. Through a series of interactive events and activations you will engage with the Iconic Black Women exhibit.


Zimbabwe Exhibition

In this collection you will experience inspirations from Hiawatha D.'s journey to Africa.


Northwest African American Museum

Exhibition was from Oct 16th 2019 to March 5th 2020. Kindly come back to check for other possible dates. In the meantime, you can read the press releases related to this exhibition


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Art Exhibitions

For decades Hiawatha D. has used acrylic to paint stories that speak to the Black experience. His work brings a brilliant vibrancy to canvas, book covers and numerous campaigns and collectibles, with his signature abstract, cubism and surrealism style— identifiable throughout his extensive body of work. Inspired by Black people transcending historical, societal, racial and economic challenges in America. Iconic Black Women: Ain’t I a Woman, is Hiawatha D.’s homage to the resilience, power and beauty of Black women and Black women history-makers.

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Meet Hiawatha D

Hiawatha Davis Bhs
Hiawatha D Thank you
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Hiawatha Davis Bhs
Hiawatha D Thank you
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Hiawatha's exhibition at the Northwest African American Museum has ended,
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