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acrylic on canvas - giclees - metal mask - livingware - stationary - brackets 

Iconic Black Women
Iconic Black Women:
15 note cards
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15 blank note cards with envelopes
Featuring images from the ‘Iconic Black Women” series

Functional Art

Our Art items are very special!

we produce in small batches to insure quality control beauty and uniquic one of kind satments!

Livingwere: Fine habnd Painted Bisque to odeer. (please allow 4 weeks for paint glaze and ship

your art!). Metal Mask: hand painted wood fram - mixed media college

hand made papers beads buttons & waxed twin

Giclee: limited editions of 25. Printed on cotton rag or canvas, ARCHIVALy framed. 

braclets: are hand made using wood bone leather & silver.  

Stationary: boxed note crd sets - HANDMADE journals /guess books with RECYCLED text

We take pride in our creative process, each piece is inspired by african grace and our beautiful energy.