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Hiawatha D. has been a well-known and revered artist for decades. His work brings a brilliant vibrancy to the covers of books and numerous collectibles, with his signature abstract cubism and surrealism style, identifiable throughout his extensive body of work. Inspired by Black people transcending historical, societal, racial, and economic challenges in America, Iconic Black Women: Ain’t I a Woman is Hiawatha D.’s homage to the resilience, power, and beauty of Black women history-makers. Hiawatha D. is a graduate of the Burnley School of Professional Art. Using various mediums to interpret the energy observed in African American people throughout his travels, Hiawatha uses acrylic paint, pencil, and watercolor, on cotton rag or canvas. On occasion, he also creates on ceramic bisque and wood panels. His visual artist inspirations include Salvador Dali, Jacob Lawrence, William H. Johnson, Pablo Picasso, and Henry O. Tanner, among others. Hiawatha’s collection garnered the attention of notable press outlets, including Forbes, The Seattle Times, KOMO News, and more.


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Meet Hiawatha D

Hiawatha Davis Bhs
Hiawatha D Thank you
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Hiawatha Davis Bhs
Hiawatha D Thank you
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Haiwatha D.'s


01. Uniqueness

My work is an expression of brilliant, beautiful Black people succeeding in love and life.

02. Sacrifice

The sacrifices, and accomplishments Black women make are rarely celebrated…My work has always been supported by Black women from across my many communities and through this collection, I can share my love and appreciation for the foundation they all provide in supporting and sustaining our culture and communities.

03. Hope

I hope these images help restore that twinkle that little girls had in their eye when their parents told them they could be anything when they grew up

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